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Presentation software to help teachers create interactive, visually attractive lessons and engaging assignments for their students


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Pear Deck is an educational presentation creator designed for teachers. This program allows you to make educational presentations along with questions, quizzes and other elements to keep students engaged. While this could technically be used with students of all ages, it's really designed for younger students who like colorful graphics.

Main Features

Pear Deck is a presentation creator meant for teachers who want to make engaging materials for their students. There are many presentations creators, but most of them just allow you to make slideshows. The major difference between other programs and Pear Deck is that you can add in questions throughout the slides.

The questions can be multiple choice, true or false and thumbs up or thumbs down questions. These questions are simple to make and any teacher should be able to make a presentation in minutes. There are many different templates to choose from as well. This makes it even easier to create presentations with attractive graphics and colors.

Presentation Conversion

You might be wondering why you would use Pear Deck if you use other programs such as PowerPoint or Google Slides. You might also be wondering what to do with your current presentations. Pear Deck actually has a conversion tool that allows you to convert them to Pear Deck presentations. This allows you to add questions or other the other tools exclusive to this program.

The conversion process is simple. Just pick one of the files and it will be converted to Pear Deck. The conversion is usually good, but there will be times when the graphics or colors aren't quite right.

Individual Lessons

Pear Deck comes in both free and paid versions. While there are numerous differences between them, the biggest difference is the ability to send out individual lessons. If you have the free version, then you can only show a single presentation for the whole class. This is good, but some students might move faster or slower than others.

If you want to cater to each student individually, then you'll want the paid version of this program. This allows you to send out the presentation to each student. Not only that, but each student can go through the presentation at their own speed. You can also gain information about their right and wrong answers to see how they're doing.

Computer and Mobile Environments

You can export Pear Deck presentations to either computers or mobile devices. The presentations look great on most computers. Not only do the graphics load properly, but you'll have no time selecting the right answer for each question.

The mobile version typically looks good, but there are some graphical errors to be aware of. Not only that, but sometimes it's hard to select the answer that you want.


  • Comes with many templates for simple presentations
  • Conversions other slideshows to Pear Deck slideshows
  • Can be exported for individual students


  • The mobile version sometimes doesn't look quite right

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Assessments
  2. Analytics
  3. Multimedia Content

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Adaptive Learning
  2. Integrations
  3. Pre-made Content
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